Luxury Waxing Salon

Luxury Waxing Salon where we only do nature based, user friendly Sugar Waxing!

Due our years of experience with Sugar Waxing we have treated a lot of people overcome not only their fear for Waxing but also to stop shaving and creating bad skin for them self.


Sugar Waxing is a much softer and flexible structured Wax which is much more pleasant on your skin. This also prevents skin ripping and skin burns at your treatment. The Wax also nurtures the skin because of the high substances level of sugar. We can treat all skin types because of the Sugar Wax and the Sugar Body Waxing experience! 

We can also visit you at home or on location for our Waxing Services. Please contact us for more info about Waxing at home or location.

Take a look at the before & after pictures and video’s to take a peek of our services.

For info please fill in the contact form. You will hear from us within 24 hours. Don’t like waiting? Just call us (+31637499008).